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temp-waterVerity Water Revitalizer Units

are maintenance-free products designed to be used directly in water lines to both revitalize the water at the molecular level and to increase water’s energy-carrying capability. Verity Water Revitalizers are designed to meet the water capacity needs for many personal and commercial uses.  No moving parts, no filters!  The water does the work by spinning through a vortex so it puts energy back into the water.

Benefits of Revitalized Water Include:

  • Healthier livestock and poultry
  • Substantially improved hydration, oxygenation and energy
  • Plants require less water and can tolerate higher/lower temperatures
  • Increase in nutrient content of seed crops and produce
  • Significantly increased bio-availability of nutrients
  • Longer shelf life of agricultural produce and cut flowers
  • Decreased seed germination time
  • Greatly improved aerobic bacterial activity and reduction in septic odor
  • Significantly reduced anaerobic bacteria
  • Elimination of mineral deposits like calcium, iron & argonite
  • Reduced bio-availability of pollutants and toxins
  • Increased life span of water valves, pipes, hot water heaters, swamp-coolers & humidifiers


Energize water molecules so they can better hydrate living cells in plants, animals  and humans.


Water flows through a specially designed device that decreases its surface tension.  No chemicals or additives are used — it’s just an improvement on how the water molecules are organized.


Optimizing hydration improves nutrient uptake and makes plants healthier, grow faster and bigger.  Optimizing hydration helps animals stay healthier and process more food intake.  Beef, turkey, pork and chicken grow better producing more meat.

Video on Water Revitalization from Veritywater

Product Options Available:

Personal Portable Water Revitalizer

  • Great for Traveling
  • Never buy bottled water again!
  • #PP21
  • Approximately 6″ long
  • $198.00 each


Garden Hose Revitalizer

  • Great for use outdoors
  • 3/4″ Brass Fittings on both ends
  • Energizes water faster
  • #GV40
  • Approximately 9″ long
  • $299.00 each


Home & Commercial Units

  • Great for use indoors or outdoors
  • Install at water source site
  • #CS181
  • Approximately 16″ long
  • $699.00


  • Double unit for faster water energizing
  • #CD181
  • Approximately 20″ long
  • $999.00

Several other units in varied sizes and uses available.
Call Duane Hastad for more details!

cropped-livestock.jpg chickens

Distilled, Reverse Osmosis and bottled water are like most water after traveling long distances. The natural energetics are lost, the water energy can no longer carry Free Oxygen or maintain its Bio-Photon Energy.  Water must have sufficient life force energy for proper hydration and to insure adequate bio-availability of essential nutrients.