Ultimate Starter

Earth Elements Ultimate Starter

Garden Fertilizer 4-3-4 plus 2% (S) Sulfur

True Organic Product
OMRI Listed
Non-GMO Ingredients

flower bedYour first step in the garden, Earth Elements Ultimate Starter is an organic soil amendment that uses 100% active Non-GMO ingredients to promote germination and growth of seeds, supports bio energy to soil organisms, and strengthens resistance to harmful disease.

Nurture your plants!

Nurture your plants!

The Earth Elements Ultimate Starter product uses beneficial biology to provide natural plant nutrition, maximized amino acid profile for protein, bio-available minerals for absorption and biological soil amendments for energy.

starter plantAll of the plant energy sources found in the Earth Elements Ultimate Starter are a beneficial biology supported by a proprietary formulation of naturally occurring crystalline crystals that exhibit the safest and most beneficial electromagnetic wavelengths on earth. Research has shown these wavelengths energize and boost resonance activity within plant tissues six-fold from 170 Hx/cm without the electromagnetic energy to 1,100/Hz/cm with the electromagnetic wavelengths for growth.  This supports bio energy to soil organisms and rebuilds any injured tissues to strengthen resistance against harmful disease.

Do your tomato plants grow to 8′ high by July?

Earth Elements Ultimate Starter is an organic highly concentrated granular product made from 100% Non-GMO products and is OMRI Listed. Available in multiple sizes for your many gardening needs:

  • 2# Bag $15.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 10# Bag $35.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 30# Bag $69.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 50# Bag $99.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 2000# Totes and Bulk Pricing available.  Contact us for a quote

Directions for Use of Earth Elements Ultimate Starter

For Vegetable Gardens:

  • Seedlings use 1 tablespoon per plant
  • Row Crops use 1 cup for a 15 foot row
  • Side dress plants at first flowering 1 tablespoon per foot of plant height

For Flower Garden:

  • At transplanting use 1 tablespoon for a 2″ starter pot
  • At transplanting use 2 tablespoons for a 4″ starter pot
  • Before planting rake 1# into 60 square feet of bedding area

For Containers:

  • 6″ Pots use 3 tablespoons at planting & monthly
  • 8″ Pots use 4 tablespoons at planting & monthly
  • 10″ Pots use 6 tablespoons at planting & monthly

For Lawns:

  • Apply 1# per 100 square foot area of bare soil & rake in before planting grass seed
  • Apply 1# per 100 square foot area of thin lawn areas before planting grass seed


Using Revitalized Water further enhances the effects of this product.

OMRI Listing of Earth Elements Products