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Term used in the food industry for measuring the approximate amount of sugars in fruits, vegetables, juices, wine, soft drinks and in the starch and sugar manufacturing industry.

Diatomaceous Earth:

Fresh water minerals exhibiting naturally occurring pest and parasite control.

GMO Free Corn Gluten:

A nitrogen source exhibiting naturally occurring chemicals called peptides to suppress and discourage growth of weeds.

Humic Acid:

Stimulates seed germination and root formation for sorting stems with high energy.

Organic Kelp:

An ocean compost providing potassium, magnesium and some 80 trace minerals.

Organic Rice Bran:

The nitrogen source exhibiting an ultimate amino acid profile.

Potassium Sulfate:

Provides slow release potassium to strengthen resistance to disease for plant health.

Remond Conditioner:

50 mineral compounds available to plant tissues for balance.

Soft Rock Phosphate:

A natural source of phosphorous with 18 trace elements readily available for plant development.

Super Cal So4:

Neutral pH source of soluble calcium and sulfur to increase microbial activity, and free up nutrients.

Worm Castings:

Provides all the nutrients most plants need to bring them out of dormancy.

Zeolite (Clinoptilolite):

Water moderator absorbing over 50% its weight in water for release under plant demand.

Learn just one more thing today & grow better plants!

Learn just one more thing today & grow better plants!