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Ultimate Lawn Fertilizer 7-0-.5

True Organic Product
OMRI Listed
Non-GMO Ingredients

Earth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower offers 100% Non-GMO active ingredients for a biologically friendly, safe and healthy lawn eco-system that uses beneficial biology for unbelievable results!

Family in Front of HouseThe Earth Elements Lawn Grower  formula is an organic fertilizer that is really a soil amendment containing numerous energy sources giving lawns and growing plants access to optimum supplies of minerals.  These minerals feed excess carbon compounds to fungi and bacteria helping them grow without stressing the plant.

Earth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower is an organic soil amendment product that provides natural nutrition for lawns, giving you maximum natural weed control, bio-available chelated trace minerals, biological soil amendments for energy, increased brix (energy) levels, helps break down disease cycles and helps balance mineral metabolism.

American HouseEarth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower plant energy sources are supported by a proprietary formulation of multiple strains of beneficial micro-organisms for the best soil amendment product on the market.  By pulling nutrient compounds out of suspension for optimum availability, Earth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower has the key to help replenish nature’s biology. Simply put, the micro-organisms release more oxygen during plant respiration for maximized plant energy and prevents various high salt indexes from becoming toxic for plant growth. Additionally, the micro-organisms rebuild injured tissues and strengthen the plant’s resistance against harmful disease.

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Earth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower is a highly concentrated granular product that is made with 100% Non-GMO ingredients and is OMRI Listed. Available in multiple sizes for your many gardening needs:

  • 30# Bag $59.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 50# Bag $89.99 plus tax & shipping
  • 2000# Totes and Bulk Pricing available.  Contact us for a quote

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Directions for Use of Earth Elements Ultimate Lawn Grower:

For Existing Lawns:

  • Apply Spring & Early Fall
  • Spread 1# per 200 square feet – Set at 1/3 Open on most spreaders
  • Irrigate regularly with Revitalized Water

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Using Revitalized Water further enhances the effects of this product.

OMRI Listing of Earth Elements Products