Creator of Earth Elements Products:

Duane Hastadduane11a

Earth Elements soil amendment products are the result of many years of experimentation and testing by Duane Hastad, along with the support of numerous individuals, organizations and agencies. Everyone involved with this product is passionate about impacting the health of current and future generations.  The focus of Earth Elements products is to put nutrients back into the fruits and vegetables we eat.

“Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Family”

After working with synthetic fertilizer products for many years, in 2007 Duane was disappointed with the overall results and decided to plant nineteen (19) identical test gardens to experiment with different combinations of minerals and compost.  At harvest the produce was weighed, nutritional value measured, Brix levels tested and finally “taste tested” by a panel of consumers. One garden plot stood out and the beginning formulation for Earth Elements was born.

Three of the key partners involved in the evolution of the Earth Elements products, they included:

  • Gordy Jordahl, Physiologist
  • Jim Heltfer, Founder of Advanced Biological Concepts & Aerospace Researcher
  • Verlyn Sneller, President of Verity Farms & Nutritionist

As the process began evolving, mass production began at a small mill in Montevideo, Minnesota.  When the decision was made to become OMRI Listed the recipes changed to include only Non-GMO ingredients and the production was moved to an organic mill in Rosemount, Minnesota where it continues today.

In 2012 , Duane Hastad partnered with Verity Farms to promote and market this product on a larger scale.  Earth Elements is now available throughout the United States and can be shipped anywhere worldwide.

alfalfaDuane Hastad is the son of a farmer and a mother who was passionate about gardening.  Along with his two brothers and two sisters he spent countless hours in the field helping his dad, as well as gardening with his mother to help feed the family. Duane graduated from Madison High School in rural west central Minnesota with a passion for horticulture.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Horticulture and Ag Business.  Duane then moved on to St. Olaf College and an opportunity to study at the University of Oslo in Norway where he studied Scandinavian Art History and the Greenhouses of Western Europe.  Following college, Duane married his wife Betty who is an active partner in their businesses and is an exceptionally creative floral designer.  They were blessed with two sons, Jason and Nick; these sons are now married and have expanded the family to currently include five beautiful grandchildren!  Duane and Betty Hastad opened their first shops, Heather Floral & Nursery in Dawson, Minnesota and Madison, Minnesota in 1979.  In 1984 they expanded Heather Floral & Nursery to include another successful site in Montevideo, Minnesota.

duanebetty2aDuane Hastad is featured on regular radio program broadcasts with helpful information on healthy plants and gardening tips.  Listen live to these programs on KLQP Radio FM 92.1 broadcast each Thursday during the gardening season at 11:15 a.m. or on KDMA Radio AM 1460 broadcast each Wednesday at 8:40 a.m.  You are welcome to contact Duane anytime with questions about the Earth Elements or the Revitalized Water units.  Go to our Contact Page for details!