Earth Elements Soil Amendments

Earth Elements soil amendments offer four complimentary soil amendment products with 100% active ingredients that you can use for all your lawn, garden and tree care fertilization programs. These OMRI Listed and Non-GMO fully organic products use beneficial biology to restore the soil for peak production and plant performance. Our complete line of Earth Elements soil amendments will produce unbelievable results!

doctor germ

“Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants, Healthy Family!”

red lily shrub purple green groundcover

Earth Elements Ultimate Starter

Earth Elements Ultimate Grower

Earth Elements Lawn & Garden Grower

Earth Elements Liquid Boost

farmer germ

“Use Earth Elements for Vibrant & Healthy Soil!”

The main principle behind the beneficial biology of Earth Elements products is based on the bacteria digesting the minerals in the soil.  This happens when the fungi consumes the bacteria, the fungi then exchanges the minerals for sugar which feeds your plants! Sunlight plus sugar and water equals Chlorophyll, which is what makes your plants green.


Using Revitalized Water further enhances the effects of all Earth Elements products.

OMRI Listing of Earth Elements Products